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Feeling Whole Again After Breast Cancer: How 3D Areola Tattoos Can Help

More than 137,000 women had breast reconstruction surgery in 2020, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Mastectomies can preserve the nipple; however, depending on the size and location of the malignancy and the size of the breast, this is less viable for some individuals. Another alternative is to do a second surgery to produce a nipple, but it frequently flattens over time. Radiated skin makes both options riskier.

As a result, many patients seek the services of a tattoo artist who specialises in photorealistic 3D nipple tattoos. A 3D areola restoration tattoo artist can sketch out a plan for the tattoos, outlining how he plans to conceal the temporary bumps produced by the surgeon. Sessions may last about two hours, but the results are immediate and long-lasting.

Why? Confidence

The most significant advantage of tattoos after a mastectomy is greater confidence. After battling cancer and undergoing breast reconstruction, completing the nipple tattoo represents the final stage of rehabilitation. Looking at your new scars can feel daunting, shocking and like you are reliving the trauma of cancer all over again every day. Hyperrealistic 3D areola tattoos can help you see yourself the way you did before cancer ever came along! Your artist’s primary focus is to create the most realistic-looking replica of what you had and give you the confidence you deserve. Many consider it restorative not just physically but mentally and emotionally as well. Make sure to choose your artist based on their skill set and examples of photos— look for fine details in their work.

These same patients suddenly feel at home in their bodies after obtaining 3D tattoos, enjoying new sentiments of femininity and completeness. They can no longer see merely scars when they look in the mirror. They are now seeing a complete lady.


Areola tattooing can be done regardless of whether a woman has had surgical nipple reconstruction since the pigment can be placed to produce the illusion of 3D nipples. Nipple and areola tattooing can provide emotional healing that nothing else can. This service is for anyone who longs to feel whole and restored when they look in the mirror! 


How soon after surgery can I get a 3D tattoo? Before obtaining a 3D tattoo, all reconstruction operations and cancer treatments should be completed. Usually, wait six months after reconstruction to ensure that all incisions have healed properly and allow the new breast tissue or implants to settle into their natural places. The process is even possible for women who underwent mastectomy procedures years, if not decades, ago when 3D tattooing was not an option.

As long as your skin and scars are fully healed, you have been off chemo or radiation for over a year, and your doctor clears you, we can get started when you are ready!

The Advantages of 3D Nipple Tattoos

There are different reconstruction procedures that survivors can have done – some need skin and fat grafting from other areas of the body, some can get breast implants, and some have nipple reconstruction, where the surgeon tries to make a raised area that protrudes. What is missing from almost all of these procedures is the actual 3D colour and details of the whole areola. That is where we come in! First, the areola size and shape are mapped out. Then the details of different shadows of colours, wrinkles, markings, the height of some areas, where natural light would hit, and Montgomery glands area are tattooed in to give the illusion of an actual areola– as if it had always been there and never left!

Typically, the service is painless, quick, and has low healing downtime (especially compared with surgery!) Out-of-pocket pricing ranges from $350 to $ 700 per areola, but some insurance companies fully cover the service. Many artists even gift the service to clients, especially around October for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

If you or someone you know could benefit from this service, feel free to reach out to us at

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