GEM Beauty by Lacey Michael

GEM Beauty by Lacey Michael

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Training & PMU Apprenticeship

Training at GEM Beauty

Why Train With GEM?

GEM Beauty’s Training Academy is the perfect opportunity to dive into your passion of permanent makeup, including lip blushing boston. Lacey D’Iorio is your certified trainer for micropigmentation in MA and NH and is also the founder of GEM Beauty. Under Lacey’s instruction, you will learn the fundamentals of permanent makeup (microshading, lip blushing, & eyeliner), regulations, proper techniques, and business/client etiquette to transform your skills to provide high-end services.

Lacey D’Iorio has 6+ years of permanent makeup experience and has built her business from the ground up. She has created a permanent makeup empire by performing thousands of treatments and attending over ten different training sessions herself. In this three-phase training course, you will learn from the best and grow your knowledge of permanent makeup. Secure your spot today!

GEM Beauty PMU Training

A Three Phase Immersive Training Program

Throughout this 3 Phase Training course you will learn and be equipped with the proper knowledge of the fundamentals of permanent makeup and learn to master the craft to feel comfortable working with all types of clients. With new knowledge of color theory, proper sanitation, which techniques work best with various skin types, and proper healing practices you will master the fundamentals of permanent makeup. This training will provide you with a starter kit and everything you will need to know before becoming an Apprentice.

Phase 1

Phase 1 of GEM Beauty’s three session course involves an online training class. Throughout phase 1 you can move at your own pace and are given 30 days to complete the online training course. This course involves critical terminology, the theory on permanent makeup methods, and products, tools, and needles used for each technique. Throughout this phase you will be quizzed on the curriculum to ensure you are retaining the information. Once you complete your training course you will be invited to move on to Phase 2, a three day in person training. 

online class

Phase 2

Phase 2 involves a three day in-person training. During these 3 days you will learn the fundamentals of microshading eyebrows, lash enhancement eyeliner, and blushed lips. There will also be in-person learning with the theory of permanent makeup to enhance the skills you learned during Phase 1and begin working with fake skin to practice the fundamentals. 

PMU practice on fake skin

After Phase 2 you are given the opportunity to strengthen your skills before Phase 3 which involves working with real models. During this time you are given 30 days to work and practice the techniques you have learned this far. Practicing from home will show your dedication and passion for permanent makeup and set you up for success in Phase 3.

Phase 3

Phase 3 brings all of your hard work together. Over this three day training you will move away from operating on fake skin and begin working with real models and enhancing their beauty. This is your time to shine and show off all of the hard work you have put into the training. Walking away from phase 3 you will have achieved the Basic Fundamentals Certification. After this course you will now have an opportunity to become an Apprentice or continue onto our Advanced Training Class.

microblading apprenticeship

Training FAQ's

  • Must be 18+; with a valid license
  • No experience necessary
  • CPR Certified
  • Blood born pathogens certification
  • Up-to-Date Hepatitis vaccination
  • Anatomy of skin and diseases course (necessary for licensure in your state, not required for this course) 

You will become certified with a Certification of Fundamentals in Permanent Makeup.

Our in-person trainings are 8 hour days with a lunch provided.

With so many options after gaining your certification, GEM Beauty offers you two routes. First, you can continue training and education in our Advanced training course or you can apply to join our Apprenticeship and work under a licensed professional.

You will learn the art of microshading brows, an excellent technique for all skin types and ages, to expand your clientele. You will also learn how to create perfect blushed lips and the application of permanent eyeliner.

Be An Apprentice at GEM Beauty

Become a Microblading Apprenticeship in Permanent Makeup

After completing the 3 Phase training course and receiving your Basic Fundamentals Certification, you may be thinking what is next on my journey? At GEM Beauty we offer students who have successfully graduated from GEM Beauty’s 3 Phase training program to join our Apprenticeship program. This program is tailored to meet each students needs and is under guidance of a supervisor. 

What To Expect As An Apprentice

As an Apprentice you will work under a professional and gain real world experience. This opportunity allows you to create your own portfolio and work with real models. Under direct supervision you will add 25 models to your portfolio and gain 100 hours of supervised observation. This Apprenticeship is meant to help you succeed and is an investment towards your future. Come train with our experts at GEM Beauty!

Apprenticeship FAQ's

  • Must have already taken an 100-hour fundamentals course
  • Must be 18+; with a valid license
  • CPR Certified
  • Blood born pathogens certification
  • Up-to-Date Hepatitis vaccination

Throughout your Apprenticeship you will learn under the direct supervision of a licensed permanent makeup artist and gain 100 hours of supervised observation and expand your portfolio with 25 models performing various permanent makeup services.

Advanced Training at GEM Beauty

Enhance Your Knowledge Today!

When you enroll in GEM Beauty’s Advanced Training Workshop you will learn new techniques and procedures under the direct training of Lacey D’Iorio and featured guest artist instructors! This course will further prepare you to take on diverse clientele and meet their needs! Inquire today!

Join GEM Beauty’s Advanced Training Workshop today! This Workshop is for students looking to increase their knowledge of permanent makeup by learning more complex techniques. Throughout this training you will learn new PMU services to add to your portfolio including: Microblading, Hybrid brows, Nano brows, thick eyeliner, and saturated lips. This Workshop is for students who have previously completed a 100-hour fundamentals course.

  • Must have already taken an 100-hour fundamentals course
  • Must be 18+; with a valid license
  • CPR Certified
  • Blood born pathogens certification
  • Up-to-Date Hepatitis vaccination

Throughout your Advanced Training Workshop you will learn under Lacey and other experienced artists to enhance your permanent makeup knowledge and perform new techniques such as Microblading, Nano Brows, Hybrid Brows, Thick Eyeliner, and Saturated Lips!

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