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Can Eyebrow Tattoos Be Removed?

Saline Tattoo Removal Results

Similar to all body tattoos, you can remove eyebrow tattoos safely. With saline tattoo removal, we can safely remove your permanent makeup using hypertonic saline salt. This procedure is safer than laser tattoo removal and less painful. You may want to remove your permanent makeup for many reasons, but let Gem Beauty achieve your goal in a safe, clean environment. Please continue reading to see more about our procedure and aftercare instructions!

Why Should I Remove My Permanent Makeup?

There are many reasons to remove your permanent makeup. These include botched work, harsh pigments, faded work, and many other problems. At Gem Beauty, we offer emergency saline tattoo removal if your permanent makeup is not what you expected or if it does not suit your lifestyle anymore. We see clients from all over with different reasons for their removal. No matter why you are unhappy with your permanent makeup, we are here to make it right and safely remove your permanent makeup and tiny tattoos.

The Procedure

Similar to removing tattoos, Gem Beauty uses a safe approach during this hour-long procedure by using saline to lift the pigment from the dermis of your skin. Throughout removing your permanent makeup or tiny tattoos, we implant hypertonic salt saline into the skin’s dermis, which draws up the unwanted pigment. This procedure allows fewer treatments than lasers and is more efficient. This treatment is safe on most skin types and tends to be less painful than lasers on sensitive areas of your face.

Aftercare of Saline Tattoo Removal

After leaving GEM Beauty, you will need to know the dos and don’ts of Saline Removal aftercare. It is essential to follow this routine carefully to ensure your removal is a success! Throughout your 8-10 week healing process, clients should follow this guide to avoid complications.


  • Keep the area clean and open to the air.
  • Wash the area twice daily, starting one day after your procedure.
  • Apply the aftercare once the scabbing has fallen off.
  • Treat the area with care

Do Not

  • Get the area wet for 24 hours after the procedure
  • Soak the treated area in water
  • No bathing, swimming, saunas, hot tubs, tanning, or intense exercise.
  • No disrupting the scabbing process (no picking, scratching, etc.)

Remove Your Permanent Makeup With Saline Tattoo Removal at Gem Beauty!

From botched work to skin irritation, we can help you transform back to your original state before permanent makeup! At Gem Beauty in Methuen, MA, we specialize in permanent makeup and tiny tattoo removal using a safe saline solution. To book an appointment for your saline tattoo removal, please call us at (978)208-1382 or book your procedure online today! We look forward to removing your permanent makeup.

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