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Speed Up Your Makeup Routine With Permanent Makeup

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Applying and reapplying makeup every morning takes time and effort out of your day before it has even begun. With permanent makeup, you can speed up your morning routines and have one less task. Whether you desire more time to sleep, eat breakfast, or fit in that workout class you keep pushing off, permanent makeup will speed up and shorten your morning routine!

What is Permanent Makeup?

Permanent Makeup or cosmetic tattooing is a technique designed to recreate your everyday makeup look from full brows, winged eyeliner, and tinted lips. This cosmetic tattooing technique applies natural pigment to the dermal layer of your skin to enhance facial features. This procedure is a perfect way to look your best all of the time. Many of us struggle with overplucked eyebrows where regrowth is not an option. With permanent makeup, your artist can use the proper shading and microblading techniques to craft the eyebrows you have always desired.

Saving with Permanent Makeup

There are endless benefits to investing in permanent makeup because you are also investing in yourself. By choosing permanent makeup, you are not only saving time each morning to devote to yourself, but you are also saving money. Imagine waking up each morning and not reaching for your eyebrow pencil or lip liner. Throughout our lifetime, American women spend nearly a quarter of a million dollars on their appearance. This is a reason today that many women are choosing permanent makeup rather than expensive beauty products.

Permanent Eyebrows

Imagine saving 10 minutes every morning for one to three years. With permanent eyebrows, you can! The benefit of permanent eyebrows is that various techniques help you achieve your ideal brow look, shape, and shade. There are several different options to achieve defined and well-blended eyebrows, such as powder, microbladed, combo, and many more techniques. The best way to achieve your desired brow is to speak with your artist and see which technique will work the best for your skin type.

Permanent Eyeliner

Applying eyeliner in the morning is one of the most challenging and time-consuming tasks. Picture yourself with perfect eyeliner that would last days, weeks, or even months. Permanent eyeliner is worth the investment. Whether you want bold wings or simple lash enhancement eyeliner, our services offer the professional touch of a makeup artist while saving you time and money from your daily beauty routine.

Blushed Lips

The last but easiest step of your makeup routine is creating a soft or bold lip to perfect your outfit. Blushed lips or lip blushing saves you time and effort to find your perfect shade of lipstick every morning. Lip blushing enhances the color, shape, symmetry, and fullness of the lips while being completely customizable. Start your day with an effortless soft tint to your lips!

Invest in Yourself with Permanent Makeup

At GEM Beauty in Methuen, MA, we believe it is vital to invest in yourself. Achieve your goals this year by saving time in your morning routine. Our permanent makeup artists are highly trained professionals ready to help you achieve your desired look! Meet our team today and learn more about our permanent makeup services by calling (978)208-1384!

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