GEM Beauty by Lacey Michael

GEM Beauty by Lacey Michael

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Permanent Makeup Services & Beauty Services In Haverhill, MA​

GEM Beauty offers an array of services, from permanent makeup, professional facials, and even tiny tattoos to the city of Haverhill, MA. As Haverhill is a neighboring town to Methuen, GEM Beauty is always happy to see clients visit us at our studio. As Haverhill is committed to supporting growing businesses, we are pleased to be located such a short distance from this distinct city. For your permanent makeup services, visit GEM Beauty located in Methuen, MA, and we’ll make sure your short journey from Haverhill is worth it!

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Permanent Makeup Haverhill, MA

At Gem Beauty, we celebrate each person’s unique beauty, and everyone is a GEM in our eyes. Our permanent makeup services give all of Haverhill’s residents a chance to enhance their features and feel a little more confident.


While offering many permanent makeup services, you may wonder where you should start. Whether you are looking for a big change or a small one, our permanent eyebrows techniques can redesign the shape of your eyebrow and enhance your natural beauty. If you are a resident of Haverhill, MA, come visit Gem Beauty for permanent eyebrow services!


Looking for bold, defined permanent eyeliner? At Gem Beauty, our permanent eyeliner services allow you to customize your eyeliner from thick winged liner to a lash enhancement eyeliner. Our technique gives you a perfect look every day! Visit Gem Beauty in Methuen today for your permanent eyeliner appointment!


Ever wonder how you can get luscious blushed lips? It’s easy with Gem Beauty! Transform your natural lip with lip blushing. This service adds a sheer tint of color to your lips, giving you the pinkish tones you desire. From color matching to customized shades, contact Gem Beauty today with all questions about blushed lips!

Professional Facials Haverhill, MA

We focus on enhancing your features so that you can feel like yourself but a little more confident. Enhancing your features can happen in a variety of ways, from permanent makeup to professional facials. At Gem Beauty, we offer professional facials with the goal of giving you a deep cleaning and rejuvenated look. All our facials are customizable to help you achieve your desired look!

Tiny Tattoos Haverhill, MA

Looking to get a gorgeous tiny tattoo near you? Gem Beauty offers tiny tattoo services to the city of Haverhill! Our tiny tattoo services can be requested through email to ensure the desired item can be recreated! Please email with your idea, color, size, and location you would like to place your new tiny tattoo! We look forward to hearing from you!

GEM Beauty By Lacey Michael PMU in Methuen, MA

GEM Beauty, located in Methuen, MA, provides every client with confidence through high-end permanent makeup and beauty services. We provide many permanent makeup services to the city of Haverhill. Our dream team of artists are always up for a challenge, are you? To inquire about our unique services or book an appointment, call us today at (978) 267-7747!

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