Metheun is a city located in Essex County with a population of over 53,000 residents. Methuen is just south of the New Hampshire border. While the Merrimack River is along Methuen’s northern banks, it is also home to a town forest, bird sanctuary, and Tenney State Park. Methuen has a rich and varied past. Its history includes millionaires, factory workers, heroes, and scoundrels. A city with this history is a great place to visit and reside. GEM Beauty by Lacey Michael PMU is also located in the great city of Methuen and provides residents with premium permanent makeup and beauty services. 

Permanent Makeup In Methuen, MA

GEM Beauty by Lacey Michael PMU has been offering permanent makeup services to Methuen since 2017. GEM Beauty specializes in permanent makeup for eyebrows, eyes, and lips, along with additional services such as saline tattoo removal, tiny tattoos, and skin services. Our services focus on enhancing your features so that you feel like yourself but more confident. 

Permanent Brows In Methuen, MA

Our premium permanent brow services can give you the look and feel you have always wanted. We offer four different techniques to choose from as no two clients are the same. Most commonly known as permanent brows is the technique called microblading. Microblading at GEM Beauty gives our clients natural hair-like strokes on the skin to resemble natural growth and hair patterns. This technique is ideal for those with sparse or thin hair on their brows. Our other three eyebrow techniques include; Ombré Powder Brows, Combo Brows, and 3D Microblading. Each procedure is around two hours and includes eyebrow mapping to ensure you leave ecstatic with your results.

GEM Beauty By Lacey Michael PMU in Methuen, MA

GEM Beauty, located in Methuen, MA, provides every client with confidence through high-end permanent makeup and beauty services. We provide many services, and our dream artist team is always up for a challenge. To inquire about our unique services or book an appointment, call us today at (978) 267-7747!