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GEM Beauty by Lacey Michael

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Meet Amanda

Amanda Mahoney

Amanda Mahoney (Brow Artist)

Amanda started her Career path in 2008 as a Massage Therapist. Specializing in Deep Tissue, Injury Work, and Rehab eventually took a huge toll on her body. She needed, and wanted, to change careers and has always had a big interest in the Beauty Industry. Having a daughter, after two boys, was also another reason she was gravitating towards the world of Beauty. She loved being able to make a difference in one’s life with massage, but wanted to do something with a more visible result, instant satisfaction.

In 2018 she took a Professional Makeup Class, an Eyelash Extension Class, and a Microblading Class. She fell in love with being able to enhance one’s beauty. The art, precision, and creativity it takes to do professional makeup, lashes, and eyebrows is what she had been missing. After focusing mainly on lashes, she was finally ready to fully step into the World of Brows. In spring of 2021 she started her apprenticeship with Lacey, owner of Gem Beauty.

This work has changed peoples lives in many ways. She is eager and excited to meet you and can’t wait to give you the lashes and brows you dream of! Time to ditch that mascara, lash curler, and eyebrow pencil and book your next appointment with Amanda!

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